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Thank you to those who have entered. Don't forget to download the Garment Details Form below.

This MUST accompany your garment when you send to the Awards.

Please also read the Full Entry Information for other requirements that MUST accompany your garment. 

For designers entering the Auaha Award and Narrative Award. Please submit your written entries by clicking the respective button/s below. Entries for these two awards must be submitted on or before 30 June 2024 - Thank you.

sections and prizes 2024

All sections cover mens and womens fashions

OPEN Entry Sections:

1. OPEN Daywear section

An everyday garment designed for the individual to feel confident and empowered.

1st Prize: $1,200

Runner-up Prize: $400

2. OPEN Glamour section

A garment filled with excitement, designed to turn heads at a formal red carpet-like event.

1st Prize: $1,200

Runner-up Prize: $400

3. OPEN Avant Garde section

A garment that is forward looking, innovative and proposing unconventional ideas

1st Prize: $1,200

Runner-up Prize: $400

4. OPEN Upcycled section

A garment creatively made from materials that had a former life (revives, renews, refreshes).

1st Prize: $1,200

Runner-up Prize: $400

5. OPEN Menswear SECTION

A garment proposing unconventional ideas, tailored for the modern man.

1st Prize: $1,200

Runner-up Prize: $400

6. OPEN Natural Fibres SECTION

A garment crafted from the beauty of mother earth, using natural fibres and techniques.

1st Prize: $1,200

Runner-up Prize: $400

7. OPEN Collections SECTION

A trio (three) of complete outfits following a cohesive theme.

1st Prize: $1,200

Runner-up Prize: $400

SCHOOL Entry Sections:

A. School streetwear section

A garment with unique, youthful energy inspired by New York streetwear.

1st Prize: $700

Runner-up Prize: $300

B. School Glamour section

A garment filled with excitement designed to turn heads at a formal Met Gala-like event.

1st Prize: $700

Runner-up Prize: $300

C. School UpCYCLED section

A garment creatively made from materials that had a former life (revives, renews, refreshes) .

1st Prize: $700

Runner-up Prize: $300

D. School NATURAL FIBRES section

A garment crafted from the beauty of mother earth, using natural fibres and techniques.

1st Prize: $700

Runner-up Prize: $300

Prizes awarded to garments from the above ELEVEN sections:

OPEN SECTION award of excellence - $16,500 prize package

School section award of excellence - $1,200 + sewing machine

Young Designer award - $5,000 package

Heather Paterson QSM Memorial Best Southland Designer Award - $700 + trophy
Narrative Award (Best 400 word narrative, describing the creative and visual themes of the designer’s  garment) - $700

Auaha Award (Garment that is creatively and visually intertwined with the designer’s own culture) - $700

Garment with the Most Commercial Potential Award - $700

Best Use of Fabric Award - $700

Best Use of Wool Award - $700

People's Choice Award - $500

Open Merit Awards - Certificates

School Merit Awards - Certificates

Please note: All cash prizes are gross and are subject to tax if applicable. Winners are responsible for their own tax obligations.

Important dates and fees 2024



Entry Fees:
Open Section:
$50 for each entry - due by 17 May 2024.

$65 for each ‘Collections’ entry - due by 17 May 2024.

School Section (Primary-Secondary):
$20 for each entry - due by 17 May 2024.

Payment Details:

Online Payment: Entry payment can be made via card at time of online entry.

Internet Banking Payment: Please put payment through at time of entering and email proof of payment to ensure a successful entry.

Bank account number: 03-0915-0305160-00 Please use the designers name as reference



Garment deadline - 26 June 2024

Garments must be received no later than 5pm on the 26 June 2024.
Each garment must be sent with the following items to complete your entry:
• 2 copies of the completed Garment Details Form (download PDF from this page - above, from 1 February )
• 2 colour photographs of garment
• 2 copies of clear description of how garment and accessories are to be worn
• A clearly marked return label, courier ticket and packaging

Use the Important Checklist inside the Entry Information booklet (download PDF above) to check you have included all items to successfully complete your entry.

Address to send garments: 

The garments are required to be in Gore by 5pm on 26 June 2024, the address to send them is Mainfreight Depot, 2 Oldham Street, Gore 9710.  

NB: Please use your tracking number to check if your garment has arrived. Please DO NOT phone Mainfreight Depot - this may result in your garment being withdrawn.

Mainfreight offer special pricing for HFDA entrants for sending and return of garments.  Please enquire with Mainfreight for special rates.


N.B. There are to be no physical drop offs to the Mainfreight depot, garments will not be accepted. If you live locally and wish to personally deliver your garment please refer to our conditions of entry for details.

Tickets on sale - Wednesday 10 July 2024

Available from

Hokonui Strictly Design Evening - 26 July 2024
Full show, plus School Section winners announced!

Hokonui Gala Awards Evening - 27 July 2024
Full show, plus Open Section winners announced!


All entries will be considered at a preliminary judging (6 - 7 July 2024) when garments will be selected for the finals.

All Entrants who’s designs have NOT BEEN accepted will be notified by 8 July 2024.

If successful entrants wish to attend the Awards, tickets go on sale 10 July 2024. Be quick as shows sellout fast.




How well they meet the brief of the section entered into

• Cut and finish

• Innovation and originality

The Judges decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Organisers reserve the right to reject any entry due to poor workmanship, poor quality or impracticality of the garment.

Conditions of entry

  1. Entrants are required to design and enter a garment of their own choice in the fabric/fibre suitable to the section.  

  2. Garments shown at graduation shows are allowed, as are school section garments that have been previously entered in their school make & model shows, provided they did not place and that NO photos or videos of such garments are to be posted to social media and/or other digital platforms. Any garment that has been entered and placed in the top three in any other competition is ineligible to enter.

  3. There are no design restrictions. Designers may not necessarily be the maker of the garment. Garments deemed unsafe or impractical to be on the catwalk will still be judged but will be displayed in some other way during the show.

  4. Entrants who design and create garments (of any type or form) for commercial trade are not eligible to enter the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards (HFDA). Organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any entry under this clause. 

  5. Entry is open to all ages. You do not have to be a design student to enter the Awards. To be eligible to enter the school sections, entrants must be enrolled as a primary or secondary school student at date of entry.

  6. To be eligible for the ‘The Young Designer Award’, you must be under 21 years of age on the 28th June, 2024 and you must state your age on your entry form when entering.

  7. To enter: Entrants must complete one Entry Form per garment entered.  Each garment may only be entered in one section.  The completed online entry form and entry fee must be received no later than Wednesday 17th May 2024.  See above for more entry details.

  8. A) Garment Details Form: Download copy of Garment Detail Form from the entries page of .  Print and complete two copies to accompany garment.  Garments are to have arrived by 5pm Wednesday 26th June 2024.  Any garments received after this time will no longer be eligible for entry.  Please refer to the important checklist of items (listed below) that must accompany each garment to successfully complete your entry process.
    B) Garment Delivery Requirements: Proper packaging and dispatch of garments and the costs are the responsibility of the entrant.  All garments must be packaged for posting/delivery.  Such packages must be named.  The organisers take no responsibility for garments lost in transit.  Please use Mainfrieght, our accredited courier.  Please make sure the return address is correct and you have a return tracked ticket enclosed.  Failure to comply with this will mean your garment may not be accepted.  Any contact with Mainfreight Gore regarding the delivery status of your garment may mean your garment is withdrawn – please use your tracking number for this purpose.

    Personal deliveries will be accepted between 1-4pm on Wednesday 26th June, 2024.  Gore Town and Country Club, Bury St.  Please note: Garments still need to be in an appropriate package with correct paperwork and garments will need to be picked up on Monday 29th July 2024 from the Gore Town and Country Club between 9am – 12pm only.

    Address to send garments: Hokonui Fashion Design Awards, c/o Mainfreight Transport Gore, 2 Oldham Steet, Gore, 9710.

  9. Garment preferred sizes: 10 – 12.
    Male size: 102-108cm chest.  Waist 81-86cm.

  10. Garments will be modelled by models selected by the organisers.  Designers are unable to specify their own models.

  11. At no time shall a designer make contact with a model, member of the HFDA Wardrobe team or member of the judging panel, either in person or via message communication regarding garments in the 2024 HFDA Show.  Any contact will result in immediate disqualification of the designers garment(s).

  12. Once garments are in the hands of the organisers they cannot be uplifted until Monday 29th July 2024 between the hours of 9am – 12pm, from the Mackay Room at the Gore Town and Country Club.  No garments can be collected on the Saturday night after the show.

  13. It is the responsibility of entrants to insure their property from the time of initial dispatch through to its return.  

  14. Garments will be on and off models many times during fittings, judging and shows.  Organisers will take care to prevent makeup and other markings during this time but are not responsible for marks or damage to garment due to being worn.

  15. If you wish to withdraw your garment, you must notify the entries co-ordinator by 12pm on the 31st May 2024 to be eligible for a refund of your entry fee.

  16. Organisers may keep prize-winning garments for up to 12 months after the Awards for promotion and display purposes.  The Award of Excellence garment becomes part of the permanent HFDA Collection and will be retained by the HFDA Committee for at least two years after the show it was entered in with the right to retain longer if needed.

  17. Organisers have the right to use any photography and video footage taken over the course of the event for publicity and promotional purposes. HFDA has no obligation to commission and/or supply images and/or videography of any/all garments entered.

  18. All contact from designers relating to any part of the 2024 MLT Hokonui Fashion Design Awards must be directed to the Entries Co-ordinator.  Failure to do so may result in the designers garment being withdrawn.

  19. In the event that the MLT Hokonui Fashion Design Awards is cancelled, the following refunds will be given to designers:

    event cancelled on or before 26th June - full refund of entry fee,
    event cancelled on or after 27th June and on or before 23rd July - full refund and garment returned,
    event cancelled on or after 24th July and on or before 28th July - no refund and garment returned.
  20. By entering the 2024 MLT Hokonui Fashion Design Awards, the entrant accepts all conditions of entry and declares that all details are true and correct.

IMPORTANT CHECKLIST (MUST send with garment) 

With my garment I have included:
- Two copies of the completed Garment Details Form (download PDF from the top of this page).
- Two colour photographs of garment
- Two copies of clear description of how garment and accessories are to be worn
- A clearly marked return label, courier ticket and packaging

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